Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earn Money Online on MyLikes.com

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Im new on MyLikes.com and I almost earned $75.16 in just 1 week. MyLikes.com Payment Earning money on mylikes.com can easily achieve, if you have lot of followers.. How to earn money on MyLikes.com? MyLikes.com pays user via ads per Click using Twitter, Facebook and your Blog. By just posting ads on your twitter account and your followers click on it, you will earn as much as $0.16 cents per click. Imagine, if you have 10,000 followers and 40 of them click on your ads, you will earn as much as $6.40 dollars in just one posted ads. Important note on myLikes.com, spamming is not allowed, when myLikes.com analyze your earning and you are engaging to Spamming activities your earning will reverted to $0.00. You can register to myLikes.com on this Link: http://mylikes.com/  
Tips and Techniques to earn more money on MyLikes.com 
 1. Use only Twitter on posting your ads (Facebook.com and blog quiet not earning) 
2. Do not SPAM your followers, spamming your followers will tend not to click your ads if you have lots of ADS posted. (MyLikes.com will revert your earnings if you SPAM) 
 3. Add Friends on Twitter as many as you can. adding 1000 friends on Twitter in one day will give you almost 60 followers. This followers will give you high income :) (This is considered SPAM, read this http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10015151-36.html
4. Don’t used Proxy and other spamming tools (as a web developer, the owner of myLikes is a retired programmer of Google, they can easily detect you and get banned :) ) 
5. Just Enjoy posting ads only once per day… Also, you must have verified paypal account in order to withdraw your earnings :) 

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